Our center is a small personal caring center.  The owner and

administrator, Rose (Rosie) Ebner has 26 years experience in the

daycare field, having owned a previous center here in Green from

1983 to 1999.

Our goal has been from the beginning to provide a safe, education-

based program with personal attention paid to your and your child.

We want this care to be affordable and to be based on your needs.

Not all families work full time - or even full days, we want to be here 

for your needs - when you need us!

All teachers at Once Upon A Daycare are ECE (Early Childhood

Education) career pathway teachers. The teachers either already

have their degree in ECE, have a CDA in ECE, or are in school

presently to become an ECE teacher.
While our space is not huge, it is very nicely turned out for the

freedom of movement including rooms designed specific to each

age group, age appropriate materials, 1 indoor gym with climbing 

equipment and 1 large outdoor playground.  


Meet Rose "Rosie" Ebner!

Owner and Administrator, the vision behind the care.

Rose Ebner is an experienced child development center owner, having over 26years experience in this industry.  Rose (Rosie) has earned her Certification of Administration of a Daycare from Stark State College and has also earned her CDA (Child Development Accreditation). She is also a Stark State Student at this time - just preparing to finish her own Associates of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education - she hopes she continues to inspire her teachers, her parents and her children to never stop learning!  Above all else, Rosie believes your child deserves respect, personal care, and the knowledge that she cares very much for them each and every day.

Child Safety


Child safety is undeniably our number one priority in our facility.

It starts from the hiring process to consistent evaluations.  Our facility

is locked with door bell allowing entrance to only documented and approved guardians of child.  Our staff is also available with

recorded supervision in case any question of endangerment for

our children is posed. The is a zero tolerance policy when

interfering with the safety of our children.


The center provides fresh fruits, fresh or frozen vegetables and

chicken and turkey more often than beef.  Our menus are kid friendly, very plentiful and based on what our children like to eat!

Once Upon A Preschool & Daycare provides all meals for your children every day. This includes breakfast, hot lunches and afternoon snacks. The center also knows sometimes we need to feed outside of meal times – we understand that and help make sure your child has a good meal – no matter what time they arrive!!

We also provide the specialty milks needed - Just another way we make your day a bit easier!

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It is our purpose to bring your 

child a safe environment to 

explore creativity, friendship, 

and education.

Our teachers have this purpose while administration brings you the most affordable costs for daycare and preschool.

Visit today and feel how

different a small caring environment can be for

your child!