After School Care


School Age Children

Monday - Friday 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Teacher to Student Ratio: 18 to 1



In our school age program, our children are permitted to do their homework, interact with their peers, create what interests them!  Their new space was designed by them with: a karaoke stage, a lego area, a free art space, a cozy corner to chill after school and a playdough area.    Now, they will have another school age room to design again!  This time closer to the front where parents can pick up their school age easier!

A special shout out to school kids!   They are really great here!  They respect each other and form lasting friendships!  We expect them to be role models for our younger children and they have always stepped up to this challenge!

About summer!   Summer care is unique in our center - while we do not provide bus driven field trips - we do really have several exciting "walking" field trips.  Tuesday is Movie Day - we walk to Interstate 8 and watch a movie at noon!  Wednesday is Ice Cream Day - we walk to Strickland's Ice Cream right after lunch and then come back for our movie in the center.   Thursday is our picnic walk to Skyway and have lunch in their back grassy area!   The children have movie time during their rest time on Monday and Friday. *note: 2021 theater trip is based on Regal opening back up!

Our summer "walking field trips" are limited to children who have already attended school in the past school year.  There is also a $65.00 monthly Summer Fun Fee to cover some of these trips.

Summer Lemonade Stand - Our school kids form a company, build their own lemonade stand, make the lemonade and other various snacks to sell and man the stand 2 days a week at pick up time for parents to enjoy lemonade!  The students keep the profits and enjoy the event of their choice at the end of summer - they can choose an extra movie day, a pizza party or an ice cream social!


Child Safety


Child safety is undeniably our number one priority in our facility. It starts from the hiring process to consistent evaluations.  . Our facility is locked with door bell allowing entrance to only documented and approved guardians of child.   . The is a zero tolerance policy when interfering with the safety of our children.

During our summer walks - Rosie goes every single time, and 1 extra staff over the ratio is always along with them.  The minimum ratio during summer walking trips is 18/2 and Rosie!


Let me love you a little more before you're not little anymore.

Program Costs

$55.00 Per Week - 2 hrs/Day

$75.00 per week - 3 hrs/Day

$55. daily charge - when care is needed on school out days- you are credited what ever you paid in weekly fees!

Families may use their 2 or 3 hours for before school, after school, or a
combination of before or after care.$55.00 is the minimum for any before or after

school care regardless of actual hours a family uses.


School age Care Provided when school is not in session is on a reserved basis
only, paid for at the time of the reservation at the daily rate of $55.00 per day.  You are given credit for the amount of the before or after school care plan you are on.


All care in this facility is reserved care only – this means you pay for

the care you have reserved whether you use it or not.