After School Care


School Age Children

Monday - Friday 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Teacher to Student Ratio: 12 to 1



Our curriculum runs hand in hand with our local Green School District. We have personal relationships that build our curriculum to help your child adjust ahead of any learning curve for Kindergarten preparation. There is special attention that is well deserved to every student embarking on the transition into bigger classes and school ahead. It comes about so fast, sometimes beyond bearing, so having a community of care with our parents is our upmost essential goal. Repetition along with guided focus on essential knowledge is key; getting your young one playtime to relax and enjoying being a kid is the bonus. Your child will get repetitive lessons in their names, numbers, addresses, counting to 100, shapes both 2nd and 3rd dimensional, and all colors. Our teachers are required to have associates in Early Childhood Education (ECE) or above to teach this class.

Full curriculum is available in your interactive parents corner once enrolled!


Child Safety


Child safety is undeniably our number one priority in our facility. It starts from the hiring process to consistent evaluations. Our standards are back with our owner and operators years of experience and availability for contact at any time. Our facility is locked with door bell allowing entrance to only documented and approved guardians of child.  Our staff is also available with recorded supervision in case any question of endangerment for our children is posed. The is a zero tolerance policy when interfering with the safety of our children.

Let me love you a little more before you're not little anymore.

Program Costs

$70 Per Week - 2 hrs/Day

$95 per week - 3 hrs/Day

$48 daily charge

Families may use their 2 or 3 hours for before school, after school, or a
combination of before or after care. $50.00 is the minimum for any before or after

school care regardless of actual hours a family uses.


School age Care Provided when school is not in session is on a reserved basis
only, paid for at the time of the reservation at the daily rate of $48.00 per day.  You are given credit for the amount of the before or after school care plan you are on.


All care in this facility is reserved care only – this means you pay for

the care you have reserved whether you use it or not.