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Rosie Blog Thoughts

May 10, 2020

Sitting here and thinking of my families – especially given today is Mother’s Day!!  I know it is early to be thinking of all of you instead of breakfast – but guess that tells you how important you are to me! 


As I think of you -the biggest thought that comes to mind is – do you know you are kind to me every single day, every single morning!  Even when you all can see I am not at my best – you trust me to put your child first in all I do here – and I do!  But what amazes me about all of you is you care for me and you show me this in more than just mere words.  And, not only me, you trust me to carefully choose the individuals I allow with your children then you accept and care for them too! 

In all you do for me -the most important gesture I appreciate so much is the kindness you give me every day.  You come in the morning and you smile at me and hand over the most and only real precious person in your life to care for and to keep safe.  

Families and a Mom are not a definition as defined by google searches – families and Moms are all of you – all of you who care for and take on responsibilities of children who need you – there is no other criteria – they need you and you step up! 

Today I salute you – appreciate you – and I re-commit to you that when all of us are back together again -the care you receive, the love you receive for your child will be even more dedicated to making sure your child feels safe – secure – respected – and loved more than before.  As I have participated in several online classes during this long – way too long- time away from my center, I now have even more tools and knowledge at my disposal to use to improve on the quality of care.  I believe you will enjoy our center even more than before.

As for me – I just look forward to seeing all of you again – in whatever your needs are when we all get back to this “new normal”.  Please trust this center will be there for you to meet your current “new needs”. Take care today of you – and know I am thinking of you!

May 4, 2020:

Funny how things strike a person in the most unusual ways. Such is what happened to me 2 weeks ago when I was opening the chalk boxes to make individual bags of chalk for the kids. Our “Sidewalk Chalk Project” was finally a go with the chalk finally arriving!

As usual my thoughts were on the kids and I was having a hard time opening the plastic wrap on the little boxes of chalk – I mean seriously – it was chalk – did it really need to be wrapped and double wrapped – ha – just had epiphany – in this time of crisis – maybe it did!  In any case, I could not see to get it open, I had a safety knife, scissors, and a serrated knife. Still it was much pulling and tugging to open each little box of 20 pieces of chalk.

Then I noticed a seam and AH HA moment – the seam is the weakest point of anything; cloth, paper, plastic – and Wahla (is that a word?)- I took to the seam and all the plastic just feel off and it was so much easier to open – but of course this carried me to another thought – this is NOT true for families!

Our families and blended families are held together by the very seam that is weak in tangible items. But that seam that blends us into loving and caring models for our children is the strongest bond there is – I can tell you from experience and you all can attest to this simple statement:  I can say my sister is a pain sometimes but I guarantee if you said that I would be all over you in a minute – defending her and raising her up to the highest level possible – she is mine! To defend, to care for, to argue with, to get mad at, to love, to cherish, to shop with, to cry with – but she is never yours to tear down! That is what a seam, a bond is in families! It is sometimes called concrete -that is because it is so strong!

Every day I am so blessed to be a part of your bond and your seam! I know for a fact that many of you have defended daycare in very public places and with people you know because of the bond you and I share - because of our care for your child! You and I are bonded in a way that is stronger than concrete – it is a bond of love and mutual respect and there can be no stronger bond in this world!

Take that – oh small box of chalk with a very big lesson!

April 25, 2020

If you look in the dictionary – well excuse me – let me rephase that – when you Google the word influencer – it basically states that it is person with the power to affect the purchasing decisions ….because of his or her authority, knowledge, position or relationship with their audience in a distinct niche…….. I can stop there –

While I can accept that they define this in terms of financial gain – I believe without a doubt that our families and their family members who interact every day with our children are the most important influencers today, and we need not purchase a thing to have that title and that power.

Every day my families influence how their child in that family will grow – what their values will be – how they will contribute – what will be their legacy -and the path that leads them to that legacy. From making sure they have the most loving and educational early childhood education to choosing the colleges that will be the ultimate influence in their lives when they leave their homes for the first time.

Never – but never – underestimate the value you of the INFLUENCE you have in your child’s life – You are the “real” influencer for them! That power is yours and has always been yours and you use it wisely! Never every forget this! OK!?  I respect you more than you know!  Maybe I forget to tell you this – so I am telling you now  - - - - -I respect you!  I respect you so very much!!



New: April 20, 2020


So, I promised a new blog each Monday and as usual I am a day late and a dollar short!   


So todays -hopefully funny blog - is a short quiz- "How well do you really know Rosie"?


These are multiple choice questions! Answers tomorrow!


What did Rosie find out about her husband - after being home with him these past couple of weeks:

a.  He never eats, while Rosie eats all day long!

b.  He really likes those old westerns!

c.  He really gets a lot of packages from Amazon

e.  All of the above

What is Rosie's favorite candy?

a.   Black licorice?

b.   Good & Plenty?

c.   Australian black licorice pieces?

d.   Any and all black licorice candy?

Did putting on her "tight" jeans stop Rosie from eating:

a.   3 slices of Italian bread in one day?

b.   a bowl of potato chips a day?

c.    grilled cheese with double cheese and tomato slices

d.    None of the above

Rosie is feeding the birds, but has many other visitors to her feeding station, which one came every day:

a.   raccoon

b.   black squirrel

c.   female full grown wild turkey

d.   all of the above

Rosie discovered her husband has been buying trinkets - but not for her was it for:

a.   His Tacoma

b.   His 3 D Printer

e.   His new "Man cave"

a.   All of the above

Rosie found out her things about her 3 doggies, what was it:

a.  They sleep all day

b.  They seem to think they should eat at 7, 12, 4, and 7

c.  Blossom does not like Buster

d.  All of the above

Rosie committed to walking on the treadmill every day, how many consecutive days did she accomplish this?

a.  Two, but 3 days apart

b.  Four, but 2 days apart 

c.  Once but she did it twice in one day

d.  All of the above

While this time was to be spent "smelling the roses" Rosie wondered:

a.     What are roses and where might they be?

b.     Why would anybody ever watch daytime TV

c.      AH, now I know what binge watching is- this after                 watching all 3 seasons of Designated Survivor and all           5 seasons of "Haven"

d.      All of the above

So I hope you enjoyed finding out how I am spending this time off - I am sure not the way I should be at all, but then again what is really normal right now???

Love you all so much!


While I am never certain anyone would want to read anything I have to say - may I take this time to make you laugh this week.  I cannot claim ownership of these funny funny thoughts - I am borrowing them from a recent column by Bob Dyer in the Akron Beacon Journal.  They were just so funny, I had to share them.  Here you go!  

Eighth Day of self-isolation and it's like Vegas in my house.  We are losing money by the minute, cocktails are acceptable at any hours and no knows what time it is.

I have spent 2 weeks with myself and I am sorry sorry for any person I every spent time with!

Turns out my top three hobbies are 1) eating at restaurants, 2)going to non-essential businesses and 3) touching my face.

Remember when we were little and we had underwear with the days of the week on them, Yah, those would be helpful right now!

And the last one is too funny!  Of course maybe because I actually remember who Michael Jackson is:

Remember laughing at Michael Jackson wearing a mask and glove?  Now y'all out here looking like ya wanna be starting something!

Next blog: Monday, April 20, and this is a funny quiz - how well do you really know your daycare owner??? Going to be fun - see you then!   

Love to you all and I miss you more than you can imagine!