Ages 18 months - 30 months

Monday - Friday 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Teacher to Toddler Ratio: 7 to 1



For our littlest ones it is more about social interaction before they get to dig into the books. The milestones they are reaching at 2 years old is underestimated by many. They understand your commands or coaching but to persuade them to follow is a whole different level of involvement. We focus on helping them explore imagination by guided play. We give them much activity to help develop their motor skills backed with the freedom to let all their little emotions out and learn to express themselves with guidance and freedom.


Full curriculum is available in your interactive parents corner once enrolled!



Lunch Time Daily 11:00 - 12:00, then our little ones nap from 12:00 - 2:00 


Monthly Menus are posted on our menu board for your review.

What is important about us and our lunches is that we serve kid friendly meals that our children like and eat very well. We serve plenty of food, a lot of fruits, vegetables and chicken and turkey more often than beef!  Your child will enjoy his meals with us.  

We are always ready to offer a meal outside of 
"meal time"  Your schedule is busy, we always make sure your child has a good meal, no matter what time he or she arrives!!

Our snacks daily consist of crackers, cheeses, fruits, 100% fruit juice, pretzels, corn chips, cookies (once in a while, not very often), chips, animal crackers, milk, specialty crackers, goldfish crackers, townhouse crackers, soda oyster crackers, peanut butter, carrots and dip, cucumbers and dip, apple slices, grapes, strawberries, and oranges.  We are required to serve a carb and a fruit for snack at all times, our juice is 100% fruit juice.


Child Safety


Child safety is undeniably our number one priority in our facility. It starts from the hiring process to consistent evaluations.  . Our facility is locked with door bell allowing entrance to only documented and approved guardians of child.  Our staff is also available with recorded supervision in case any question of endangerment for our children is posed. The is a zero tolerance policy when interfering with the safety of our children.


For our Toddler 1 group, they nap from 12:00 to 2:00 Each child has their own cot!

Each child has there own bin for their diapers, extra clothes, blanket, pacifier, and stuffed animal from home.

Let me love you a little more before you're not little anymore.

Program Costs

$255.00 Per Week Full Time

$65. / Daily  Reserved

Registration Fees are $30.00 per family

To reserve your registration, each family pays their $30.00 registration fee and their first week’s enrollment. This is non-refundable.


Reserved means that space is reserved for your child, no refunds are given if you do not use your reserved space. Our center offers daily reserved attendance.

We accept State Assisted Tuition where space is available.