Dear families and prospective families:

Our teachers are required:

  • Be fingerprinted by ODJFS by 5 different reporting agencies including not only FBI, but Children Services and Local Law Enforcement Agencies.
  • Take 4 - On-Line Child Development Classes - minimum 16 hour investment in their time before they work one day at our center.
  • Have a medical statement from their doctor requiring a DTAP shot, have their MMR immunizations already - and a physical from their doctor.
  • Have their First Aid, CPR for children, Child-Abuse and Communicable Disease 6 hour training up to date or enrolled in a class within 60 days of hire.  All of our teachers have all of these health classes - not just one person on duty as the state allows - we make sure all teachers are properly trained in all our classrooms.
  • All of our teachers also have to be a CDA - Child Development Accredited Teacher or above or be enrolled in a current CDA class.
  • All of our teachers must be in a career pathway of Early Childhood Education, meaning this is their career choice.
  • All of our teachers must have a loving and pleasant personality at all times.  We only hire enthusiastic teachers who care and want to educate and love your child.

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination,

and instill a love

of learning.