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Blog – Week May 6, 2019

Well good afternoon parents and families. As you know I have been trying to share bits and pieces of information that is useful to you through a blog now. I know I need to be much more pro-active on this part of caring for your children. I am truly working on that.

This week I want to talk about something I recently discovered – not every enrollment is successful at this center. Not so much in details of why or why not a child or family is not a good fit for our center, but more in general information on how we view our role in your child life. We are his or her advocate for whatever he may need – whenever he may need! Sometimes that need is simply not us.

As I indicated in a previous blog - Our center has highly trained teachers and part of their training is the development – both educationally and physically of the children in their care. There are times when we discover that a child is not achieving milestones. Having said that, we know, and we follow all protocols of understanding that ALL children develop at different times and ages. But to not let a parent know their child is below the developmental charts for his age is to do a dis-service to that parent, child, and family. We will not do that here. I have found this honesty to have serious repercussions I never expected. I have witnessed parents in total denial of their child’s issues and as a result have had to cancel the enrollment here. But our center will continue to direct parents to resources outside of the center and risk losing an enrollment in the hopes the child receives the proper intervention at a different level – whatever that level may be.

Every center wishes it could have more one-on-one care which would help those with developmental delays even more in their time with us. Reality is that while we do more here than any other local center in personal care; parents could not afford the child/staff ratio or education requirements of teachers to be able to offer any more one-on-one care.

I do not know if blogs are supposed to have a message or just impart some useful information. If they are to have a message, it would be to put your own emotional insecurities about your parenting skills aside and just listen to the child’s teacher, have the assessments done, and go from there! There is no blame if your child must have extra help – whether in be in speech, fine or gross motor skill, cognitive, hearing or visual development. All that really matter is what that child needs. I cannot say that enough, all that matters is what the child may need and if my center is not it, that is okay with me. I will always stand up for children, no matter what the consequences are financially or emotionally.

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