Pre-K & Preschool

Ages 3, 4, 5 Years Old

Monday - Friday 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Student/Teacher Ratio:                     Preschool 3-1, it is 10/1;                       Preschool 3-2, it is 8/1

 Pre-K is 12/1



Our curriculum runs hand in hand with our local Green School District. We have personal relationships that build our curriculum to help your child adjust ahead of any learning curve for Kindergarten preparation. There is special attention given to every student embarking on the transition into bigger classes and school ahead. It comes about so fast, so having a community of care with our parents is our upmost essential goal. Repetition along with guided focus on essential knowledge is key; we give your young one playtime to relax and enjoying being a friend in his/her room.  This social experience is very important! Your child will get repetitive lessons in their names, numbers, addresses, counting to 100, shapes both 2nd and 3rd dimensional, and all colors, as well as other standard learning concepts. Our teachers are required to have associates in Child Development Associates (CDA) or above to teach our Pre-K and Preschool 3-1 classes.

At this time Green Schools are using Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Responsible and we use this as well so our kids are prepared for Green Kindergarten.  We also work very very hard on phonics - using the same guide book as Green Kindergarten uses.

Preschool Class Time

Our Preschool (3 year olds), and our Pre-K ( 4 year olds) runs every day - 8:30 to 11:30, this is our Pre-K and Preschool learning times.  During ths time we focus on the educational elements.

We have 2 Preschool Sessions in 2 separate rooms with separate teachers and curriculum. 

Our Preschool 1 program is for those students who have turned 3 by August 1 of each year.  

Our Preschool 2 program is for those who are 3 but not 3 by the cut off of August 1.

Each class has its own curriculum based on the individual needs of the students in the classroom.    

We allow parents who need Preschool or Pre-K only and do not need all day care to attend in the morning sessions.  We do ask a minimum of 3 days in our Pre-K environment for continuity of learning and preparation for Kindergarten.

What is important to remember children are not always on "my" schedule. We listen and fill their needs each day, if they want craft earlier in the afternoon, that is okay! They visit the restrooms when necessary and they are permitted to the drinking fountain whenever they wish. We also take attendance every hour and at every transition time- i.e. restroom breaks, when a child leaves, anytime the classroom has moved from one activity to another and the children have moved we take attendance.




Lunch Time Daily 11:30 - 12:00

Nap is 12:00 - 2:00

Snack 3:30 pm


Monthly Menus are posted for your review.

The center provides fresh fruits, fresh or frozen vegetables, chicken and turkey more than beef and we provide all meals for your children every day. This includes breakfast, hot lunches and afternoon snacks. The center also knows sometimes we need to feed outside of meal times – we understand that and help make sure your child has a good meal – no matter what time they arrive!!


Our snacks daily consist of crackers, cheeses, fruits, 100% fruit juice, pretzels, corn chips, cookies (once in a while, not very often), chips, animal crackers, milk, specialty crackers, goldfish crackers, townhouse crackers, soda oyster crackers, peanut butter, carrots and dip, cucumbers and dip, apple slices, grapes, strawberries, and oranges. We are required to serve a carb and a fruit for snack at all times, our juice is 100% fruit juice.


Child Safety


Child safety is undeniably our number one priority in our facility. It starts from the hiring process to consistent evaluations. Our standards are back with our owner and operators years of experience and availability for contact at any time. Our facility is locked with door bell allowing entrance to only documented and approved guardians of child.  Our staff is also available with recorded supervision in case any question of endangerment for our children is posed. The is a zero tolerance policy when interfering with the safety of our children.



Let me love you a little more before you're not little anymore.

Program Costs

$235.00 Per Week Full Time - Reserved

$55.00 daily charge - also reserved only


Registration Fees are $30.00 per family

To reserve your registration, each family pays their $30.00 registration fee and their first week’s enrollment. This is non-refundable


Reserved means that space is reserved for your child, no refunds are given if you do not use your reserved space. Our center offers daily reserved attendance also.


We accept State Assisted Tuition where space is available.