A note from Rosie, owner, administrator and teacher.

Our center has weathered this pandemic extremely well.  This is because our teachers, our parents and our children all worked together to clean, sanitize, follow our mask polices and communicate their needs.  Thank you to our families - you made the difference for us!

So, can we say thank you in a more tangible way to you?  Yes, we can.  As many of our parents already know, every parent in our center is getting a free week this year.  You have been challenged, you have met that challenge and you have paid faithfully this past year!  Thank you and we will be choosing a name a week from our raffle jar and let you know your free week!

Our center has found by giving back to our families, they give back to us.  Our center never charges late fees, not for being late to pick up and not for missing a Monday am payment.  The easiest way to explain this - we are taking care of the most precious thing in your life and our families would not take advantage of us on purpose at all ever. We know this and they have not.  Traffic is always a problem and we know that.  So, we do not penalize our families for items out of their control - ever.

Also, we do not have a set time you must arrive, we are here for you.  Our only basic guidelines are to not come during our kiddo's nap time, they need that rest and consistency of a nice rest time.  Otherwise, we will feed breakfast on your schedule - not ours, will hold lunches and warm them up when you get there!

Our website is under new management and I am looking forward to a new exciting site for you with pictures, schedules, on-line payment processing, forms you can print for enrollment and regular blogs from our teachers.

I am hands on at my center.  It has been a successful plan for the last 5 years and we hope to continue for another 5 years + too!  You will see me every day and you can contact me anytime, evenings, weekends, whatever you need!  We are not like other centers, we care about the whole family unit in so many ways - from sending items in the mornings for your drive to work -  like my famous banana-chocolate chip muffins - to fresh homemade cookies - we just want your day to be terrific.  

Some new items:  a camera monitoring system has now been installed with all rooms covered in recording cameras.  We have started painting the entire center and cleaning all nooks and crannies and sending the final covid germs far away!  We are adding new sink vanities in hallways and Toddler room for safer handwashing facilities.  FRP is being added to hallways for an easy to clean environment which will hold up to our many cleanings!

Thank you for coming by our site and I hope you allow us to continue to provide the best care anywhere and for new families I hope you will consider the personal care we will give your child when making this important decision.

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It is our purpose to bring your child a safe environment to explore creativity, friendship, and education. It so easy to get wrapped up in technology and

individualism that our kids do not gain sight of loving and believing in one

another. Our teachers have that purpose while administration brings you the

most affordable costs for daycare and preschool. Call us today to schedule your

first visit.  But remember we are happy to have you drop in anytime!

Hello from Rosie, owner and administrator - Hi, I am a grandma and Mom too. I

have over 21 years of child development experience but I know what you need now;

a person and center to love your child first, understand your child, and base the care received on your child personally. I believe - with all my heart this is what

we are best at here!  You will see me every day!  We really are an extended family! 

I hope you will call me anytime! 330-990-1466 because I know you care!!

"Fairy tales are more than true-
not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten."
-G. K. Chesterton
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