To our current families and our many new families,

We know - without a doubt you will will have challenges as you go back to work, have your children come back to us, and all of us move forward with a "new normal!"​  

While we know so many need care and with the state allowing us to re-open with severe teacher to child ratios - we have been so limited in what we can now offer in the way of discounts.  

At this time, unfortunately our center is not able to provide any new parent discounts.  Our current parents have graciously understood that their return discounts are on hold until August 1, 2020.  We love them so much for understanding how hard this has been for all of us to come back and only use our rooms at 50% capacity.

The good news is - unlike many centers - we have NOT raised our rates to our clients.

I believe with all my heart that after one phone call to me, the owner and the administrator, you will know immediately that we are different - care and concern for you will be our main concern.  We are a smaller center - not in terms of space or love - just in terms of our care is provided to less than 40 children per day - giving us the time and availability of personal care! 


With our new gym - 784 sq feet, and our new school age classroom - another 754 square feet - we now have even more space for large muscle growth and a great space for those 3rd and 4th graders!  They have even helped set up an decorate their own room!  It is just wonderful!

For new families - please excuse lack of new pictures -as administrator I am still learning how to put pictures up myself - our rates do not allow us a "web master"!  Our funds are used for the kids and we have focused on equipping our rooms with STEM materials so I hope you will visit us to see our current rooms!  

Thank you for coming by our site and I hope you allow us to continue to provide the best care anywhere and for new families I hope you consider the personal care we could give your child!

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It is our purpose to bring your child a safe environment to explore creativity, friendship, and education. It so easy to get wrapped up in technology and

individualism that our kids do not gain sight of loving and believing in one

another. Our teachers have that purpose while administration brings you the

most affordable costs for daycare and preschool. Call us today to schedule your

first visit.  But remember we are happy to have you drop in anytime!

Hello from Rosie, owner and administrator - Hi, I am a grandma and Mom too. I

have over 21 years of child development experience but I know what you need now;

a person and center to love your child first, understand your child, and base the care received on your child personally. I believe - with all my heart this is what

we are best at here!  You will see me every day!  We really are an extended family! 

I hope you will call me anytime! 330-990-1466 because I know you care!!

"Fairy tales are more than true-
not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten."
-G. K. Chesterton
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Daily Care is available!


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